#AskC2E2 Tweet-up with @AH_AdamHughes Recap!

Adam Hughes, known for Wonder Woman, will be in Artist Alley at C2E2C2E2: Hey #C2E2 Fans! Welcome comic artist @AH_AdamHughes to today's edition of #AskC2E2! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Adam!

Adam Hughes:  @c2e2 I'm here, fire away!

C2E2: Q1: You get to interpret different characters from many Myths/Legends/Fairy Tales on Fairest covers; which was your favorite? @AH_AdamHughes

Adam Hughes: A1: Rapunzel, ironically enough. I say that because drawing hair is a real drag these days. It used to be fun, back in the 1900s!

C2E2: .@AH_AdamHughes girl's got a lot of hair for sure! #AskC2E2

C2E2: Q2: @AH_AdamHughes we hear you're a big #StarWars Fan! What SW character would you want to have dinner with and why?

Adam Hughes:A2: Lando Calrissian! Everyone else gets maimed or tortured at some point and that s#!? splatters. Also, he has beer.

C2E2: Q3: Working on Before Watchmen must've been a daunting task; looking in the rearview mirror were you happy with the results @AH_AdamHughes?

Adam Hughes:A2: Not really. I reserve the right to be miserable about my own work, and no one can take that away from me! It nourishes me OMNOMNOM

C2E2: A3: @AH_AdamHughes we can appreciate that. Waffles are also good for nourishment. #AmIRight #AskC2E2

C2E2: Q4: What are you most looking forward to at #C2E2 this year @AH_AdamHughes?

Adam Hughes:A4: Walking along the Seine, with a crepe and love in my heart. Wait. It's Chicago, right? Uh, a hot dog, I guess.

C2E2: A4: Dragged through the garden I hope! @AH_AdamHughes - all this food talk is making me hungry

C2E2: Q5: You’re know for drawing beautiful heroines, but who are some of your favorite male heroes you like to draw? @AH_AdamHughes

Adam Hughes:A5: The ones with huge pectoral muscles. I'm not gender-specific, I just like drawing large chests. I wasn't breast-fed as a child.

C2E2: Q6: Any advice for Fans looking to break into the comic world? @AH_AdamHughes

Adam Hughes:Q6: Don't let anyone pee on your dream - you can make if if you really want it. Also draw all the time. Finally, take a business class.

C2E2: Last one! Q7: Han and the Millennium Falcon or Mal and Serenity; who do you put your money on in a fight? @AH_AdamHughes?

Adam Hughes: A7: Mal. Because @NathanFillion follows me on Twitter and Harrison Ford couldn't be bothered.

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