#AskC2E2 Tweet-up with Art Baltazar and Franco!

Art Baltazar, known for TINY TITANS (DC Comics), will be in Artist Alley at C2E2
Franco, known for SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, will be in Artist Alley at C2E2

On January 9, Art Baltazar and Franco tweeted in the New Year with a tag-team C2E2 chat! The creative duo and 2014 Artist Alley guests discussed how to stay in creative shape, who they want to ‘itty-bitty’-tize and project teasers (aw yeah, there may be pictures)!

C2E2: Q1 from @Scootah91! @artbaltazar @awyeahfranco who's your favorite Samurai squirrel? #askc2e2

Art Baltazar (AB): I love Sami the samurai squirrel! #askc2e2

Franco: Sami the Squirrel! But kinda biased cause it will be showing up in AW YEAH COMICS! #askc2e2

C2E2: Q2 from @BlatantGeekery: My 10 yo (fan) would like to know how long it takes you 2 to create a comic? #askc2e2

AB: @BlatantGeekery I draw everyday! I could finish a whole comic in around 2 weeks. Sometimes 2 comics a month! #askc2e2

Franco: We're working on so many things right now but average 2-3 weeks for 1 comic

C2E2: Q2.5 Pretty impressive to work so well & fast! Got advice to help newer artists to stay focused?

AB: Draw all the time and carry a sketchbook! Aw yeah practice! #askc2e2

C2E2: Q3 from @DaveScheidt asks: Outside of Squatch which monster would you like to find? I'd go for Nessie or OgoPogo #askc2e2

AB: Aw yeah! I'd like to catch that chupacabra! #askc2e2

C2E2: Q4: If you could “Itty-Bitty”-tize ANY person/character, who would it be & what may their story be? #askc2e2

AB: Aw yeah! I wanna itty bitty Aw yeah everything! Godzilla! Hulk vs Thing! Superman! Action Cat! Chewbacca! #askc2e2

Franco: Bring it on! We'll Itty bitty anything! Even [Mike Norton’s] Battlepug!

C2E2: Q5 from @kafkascampi: My four year old suggests Baba Yaga and Hecate plushies. Any plans? #askc2e2

Franco: Earl Shive will plushie anything for $99.99... Or is that just paint cars?

AB: I like baba yaga's bucket! #askc2e2

Franco: I would LOOOVVE some Baba Yaga plushie!

C2E2: Q6 AW YEAH love the projects you’ve made together. Who are YOUR favorite creative team(s) in comics? #askc2e2

Franco: so many! Digging that Waid and Samnee guy!

AB: I love anything by Loeb and Mcguinness! They are an awesome team! Also diggin @Chris_Giarrusso @katiecandraw @Scootah91 @checkeredman #askc2e2

Franco: THIS!

AB: Claremont Byrne. Wolfman Perez. #askc2e2

Franco: Reading my mind!

AB: Dan Slott n Ramos! Loving the Spidey! Hanna and Barbera! Absolute favorites!

Franco: Bugs Bunny is my favorite actor!

C2E2: Q7 @artbaltazar & @awyeahfranco What is the most challenging and rewarding project you’ve done? #askc2e2

AB: superman Family Adventures 12. Cray Baby Adventures 1. Tiny Titans 50. PatricktheWolf Boy 1. Aw Yeah Comics 1. #askc2e2

Franco: gonna sound silly but everything we've done! Each one better than the next! SFA! Itty bitty Hellboy and AwYeah Comics!

Aw Yeah Comics trades coming from @DarkHorseComics this summer! Here are cover sketchesC2E2: Okay final question before I let @artbaltazar & @awyeahfranco AW YEAH off into the (polar vortex-y) sunset! Got any teasers for upcoming projects (sneak-peak pictures welcome) #askc2e2

Franco: hmmmm. Hard to say. So many cool things! All I'm going to say for now is ... Think small. #askc2e2

Aw Yeah Comics trades coming from @DarkHorseComics this summer! Here are cover sketches! pic.twitter.com/nCOEphIAAu

AB: also! Ha Ha Hee Hoh!#askc2e2 pic.twitter.com/HnOzomByYa

C2E2: Thank you @artbaltazar & @awyeahfranco for chatting with us and we'll see you this April! Any parting words to our #C2E2 community? #askc2e2

AB: Thank you C2E2 fans! See you in Chicago! #askc2e2

Franco: Aw yeah! You guys are awesome!! Visit our store Aw Yeah Comics in Skokie IL.

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