#AskC2E2 Tweet-up with @RyanOttley Recap!

Ryan OttleyOn December 12, C2E2 embarked on an exciting journey into the mind of ‘Invincible’ artist and 2014 guest, Ryan Ottley! Among the Fan topics discussed were Ryan’s favorite creators, where he sees himself drawing in 5 years and the importance of lava slides (yes, lava slides). Enjoy!

C2E2: Q1: Of the many Invincible comics you’ve drawn, which was your fave to sketch & why? #AskC2E2

RyanOttley: A1: The current issue, 108 is my favorite to draw! Why? Well...that would be spoilery if I told you

RO: A1: basically it's got ALL the stuff I enjoy drawing, variety of locations and characters. Crazy violence. #AskC2E2

C2E2: Ha! Fair enough, @RyanOttley. Here's Q2 from @WinstonGambro: Who's the hardest Invincible character to draw? #AskC2E2

RO: A2: Nobody is hard to draw unless your expectations are through the roof for that character. some are more time consuming. #AskC2E2

RO: A2: like Robot, he takes more time than most, all mech things do for me. Gotta get those shapes more perfect. #AskC2E2

RO: A2: to clarify my point. Batman might be a hard character to draw if you tell yourself he needs to be better than all who drew him before you! Just draw him your way! #AskC2E2

C2E2: Q3 from @therealdenisita: How long do you plan to work on Invincible and are there other projects in the works?” #AskC2E2

RO: A3: I love Invincible, I see no point in leaving. So the plan is to stay and draw fun stuff as long as Robert writes it! #AskC2E2

RO: A3: I do have side projects that move extremely slow. Someday you will see some. I have ideas. Lots! #AskC2E2

C2E2: Q4: Invincible has a lot of twists and turns; has there ever been anything in past scripts that surprised even you? #AskC2E2

RO: A4: Yeah when I read the scripts I get surprised! For sure! Robert knows how to do surprises like a master. #AskC2E2

RO: A4: I just love to be able to then visualize the thing that shocked me and kick it up a notch for the readers. Always fun! #AskC2E2

C2E2: Q5 from @buddhacosby: love your art style! Who are some of your fav current comic book artists? #AskC2E2

RO: A5: fave artists are French. Cassegrain, Blanchard, Vatine. American? Robinson, Harren, Mignola, Mad! #AskC2E2

RO: A5: other current faves, Katsuya Terada, Kim Jung Gi! So good! So much amazing inspiration out there! #AskC2E2

C2E2: Q6 from @corypuga: Do you ever kick around Invincible story ideas w/Kirkman or is it pretty much he writes & you draw? #AskC2E2

Ask C2E2 with Ryan Ottley - Lava SlidesRO: A6: I do occasional have ideas I share. Sometimes he says "cool lets do it!" Other times "blech, just draw!" #AskC2E2

RO: A6: most recent idea I shared was the Lava people in 107 having the power to ride on a lava slide! And Robert hated it! But then he wrote it in the script! I was like YES! I was gonna draw the lava slides regardless! #AskC2E2

C2E2: Lava slides need to become a thing. Make it so, Internet! #C2E2 #AskC2E2 couple more questions for you @RyanOttley

RO: A6: Lava slides! #AskC2E2 pic.twitter.com/NhLoUVwlrc

C2E2: Q7 from @twaltman34: Who do you miss drawing since they left the series? #AskC2E2

RO: A7: I would love to answer who died that I miss drawing. But spoiler hounds would kill me! So Oliver is alive! I miss him! #AskC2E2

[C2E2 Q8 from @theJasonHoward]: #AskC2E2 Out of all the other artists that draw Kirkman books featuring dinosaurs who’s your favorite and why?

RO: .@theJasonHoward #AskC2E2 Do I count? Cuz Dinosaurs is pretty badass.

C2E2: Last question for @RyanOttley! Though, I could do this all evening, been fun to share knowledge. #power #AskC2E2 #C2E2

C2E2: Final Q from @FreshnessKils: Do you read any ongoing series right now? If so which ones? #AskC2E2

RO: Final A: Yes! Saga, East of West, Orc Stain, Locke and Key (almost gone, sad), Savage Wolverine, Batman, etc. #AskC2E2

C2E2: Thank you to @RyanOttley for chatting with fans! Be sure to say hi to Ryan at #C2E2 2014! Any last words (or sketch), Ryan?? #AskC2E2

RO: Thank you for the tweet up questions! Can't wait for C2E2 2014! #AskC2E2

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