Hack/Slash in 140 or Less: #C2E2Chat Recap with Tim Seeley

Hack/Slash in 140 or Less: #C2E2Chat Recap with Tim Seeley

The other week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Hack/Slash creator, Revival writer and awesome Chicago local Tim Seeley on Twitter. Among the topics discussed were Tim’s favorite haunts in Chicago, tales from C2E2’s past, and some packing tips for out-of-towners.  Now, presented for posterity, the original, annotated conversation.

Read on for his answers, and be sure to ask Tim your own burning questions when you meet him at C2E2!

C2E2: What do you love about Chicago?
TS: The weather! Ha, not really. I like Chicago's mix of metropolitan and small town. I like to call it the Small Big Town. It's also a great "artist" town, in that there are a lot of us, and we all hang out. And drink beer.

C2E2:Here's a fan question: What are you excited to share at C2E2?
TS: I like being able to show people our way-cool 4-Star Studios studio. They always envy the environment & my toys.

C2E2: Where's your favorite local hangout? (and we promise not to bum-rush it)
TS: Oh, I have many! Bad Apple! The Whistler! Latitude! The Tiny Lounge! Ten Cat! The Grafton! Cardinal Spirits! Ha...I go out to much obviously.

C2E2: [Fan question] White Sox or Cubs?
TS: Honestly I'm not much of a sports guy. If it's Chicago, I'm for it, so...both? :)

C2E2: What’s the best advice someone gave you (in life or for your work)? Bonus: Did the advice work?
TS: Ha, it'd be bad advice if it didn't work! I never remember specific moments of advice...but everything my grandpa has ever told me was right. He didn't make it through WW2, and get to age 90 (still kicking!) by being wrong.

C2E2: For those traveling to Chicago/C2E2, what is at least one item they should pack?
TS: Bring some insect repellant, it'll work on creepy Chi comic artist @TheBurnham [Chris Burnham, friend of Tim’s]. And a Jacket! April is unpredictable!

C2E2: Duly noted. Will those bug repellent candles-in-a-bucket work? We can pretend it's BBQ season...
TS: Ya need the DEET, the strong stuff, for @TheBurnham

C2E2: [Fan question]: How cool is it to live in same town as @themikenorton & how long can we expect Revival to run?
TS: It is indeed wonderful to be constantly within about 12 feet of @themikenorton. That should ensure 50-60 issues of Revival.

C2E2: NICE! @themikenorton is aware of the 50-60 issues, right? :)
TS: I may have forgotten to mention it. So... @themikenorton ready for a couple of years of work?

C2E2: Any memorable stories from past C2E2s (funny, cool, etc.)?
TS: A couple of years ago, we went out with @CBCebulski & ;@skottieyoung. I may have been lightly wasted. It was from so far away, that it seemed impossible. But my shoe was determined to destroy @themikenorton

C2E2: So what you're really saying is that your shoe is a spaceship that took off on its own accord. [At this point, a fan jumped in to comment “Why can't we all have those types of shoes.” Someday, it will happen.]
TS: I'm saying that C2E2 is full of magic, and propels my shoes into other comic book creators' heads.

C2E2: Who’s your childhood or longtime hero, and who/what is your arch-nemesis?
TS: TEELA from MOTU is my hero(ine). A tough, take-no-poop lady whose action figure had real real big hips. My arch-nemesis is HYPOCRISY! I cannot shut up when I see it, but usually am the one who looks like a dumb jerk.

C2E2: Any tips to creators (new, veteran, @kickstarter hopefuls) who want to make a good impression at C2E2?
TS: Make sure you constantly compliment the locals, especially the comic creators as they are mad it's not summer yet. Also, get out into the town, and enjoy! It's cool to have a con in the actual city instead of a 'burb! And thank the wonderful humans of C2E2 for what a great show it is! So much comics!

A big thanks to Tim!  I'll be saying hi to him in just a few more days at C2E2, and I hope you do, too!

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Kristin is the Community Manager for C2E2 and New York Comic Con, which means she supports the team and creates rad social and digital content across all channels. She shares a deep appreciation with Tim for He-Man/She-Ra action figures, and her childhood hero is Bill Watterson.

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