Our Favorite Zombie Apocalypses

Our Favorite Zombie Apocalypses

With The Walking Dead's soon-to-come season finale, we've started to get a little sentimental. It'll be hard to let Rick and his ragtag group of survivors go until we meet (those who survive) again come the fall. Maybe it's Stockholm Syndrome, but we've come to love the bunch, and we've even started to see the lighter side of a world infested with the undead. Sure, society's come crumbling down and there's no indoor plumbing, but you've also got no 9 AM meetings, no taxes to pay, and no pesky telemarketers. As long as you can defend yourself against corpses hungry for living flesh, we've got to thinking there's a lot to like about living through a zombie apocalypse, and we now proudly submit our 10 Favorite Zombie Apocalypses we wouldn't really mind all that much.

10. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Why You're Screwed: A virus reanimates all dead human flesh. Even if you're not bitten, when you bite the dust, you rise again in the single-minded pursuit of delicious, delicious brains. Oh, watch out for the living, too, as those who have made it through tend to have gotten a bit unbalanced. "Fight the dead, fear the living" as they say. Why It's Not That Bad: One-on-one, the zombies ain't that bad, and even a kid — with a little training — can properly dispatch a Walker. Sure, you gotta be mindful of them in packs, but if you do, you can find a quiet place to settle on down with Lauren Cohan.

9. 28 Days Later

28 Days Later

Why You're Screwed: Scientists perfected pure rage before perfecting a proper way to contain it, and rage-infected psychos now roam the land. Unlike most zombies, the baddies in 28 Days Later are fast and ferocious, so it's no picnic when they're on the prowl. Seriously, you're not going to outrun these brutes, and they take quite a beating before they fall down. Why It's Not That Bad: You're in London. Have you ever been to London? It's beautiful, and with most of the population dead, there are no lines when you see the sights. Plus, with civilization not really existing any more, feel free to smash a window at Forbidden Planet — the UK's biggest comic shop — and walk away with as many Doctor Who goodies as your arms can carry.

8. Stakeland


Why You're Screwed: America's been taken over by horrific zombie-vampire monstrosities, and a sect of America's Conservative Christian Right, severely misreading the Bible, believe they are hastening the Rapture by dumping the undead in what few safe havens remain. Why It's Not That Bad: If you can make it to Canada, you're A OK, as zombie-vampires don't like the cold. Maybe. Canada could be filled with cannibals. It's never really made all that clear.

7. Night of the Living Dead (1990 Remake)

Night of the Living Dead (1990 Remake)

Why You're Screwed: This update of George Romero's granddaddy of them all obeys all the laws Romero originally established in 1968. All your classical zombie traits are intact and as terrifying as ever. Why It's Not That Bad: Pat Tallman plays Sarah Connor.

6. High School of the Dead

High School of the Dead

Why You're Screwed: Zombies. Everywhere. The world's militaries have been defeated by the dead, and world leaders are zombies themselves. If memory serves, a few nukes are even traded in the process, not doing a lick to stop the spread of the pandemic. The entire world's collapsed in a matter of hours. Why It's Not That Bad: As long as you can find yourself a gaggle of busty Japanese schoolgirls, it's actually not that hard to survive. Japanese schoolgirls, you see, all have an innate ability — whether through deft sword skills, quick trigger fingers, or brutal martial arts — to slay the undead.

5. Doctor Who: Utopia

Doctor Who: Utopia

Why You're Screwed: It's the Year 100 Trillion. Man's devolved into something called the Futurekind, a crazed Mad Max zombie society intent of devouring the last bits of science and light that remain. Meanwhile, those brave few who have been able to keep the Futurekind at bay are busy building a rocket to take them to "Utopia", a rumored save haven for the last of man. Only, it's not. And, even if it were, the whole, wide universe is ending, and with existence itself about to turn to cinders as the very stars go out, there's not all that much to be optimistic about. Why It's Not That Bad: If you manage to find the Doctor, he'll happily transport you back to 21st century Earth. If you don't, you get turned into a Toclafane. Either way, pretty cool.

4. Zombieland


Why You're Screwed: A world without Bill Murray isn't a world we want to live in. Why It's Not That Bad: Zombieland proves that even again overwhelming odds, cunning and intellect prevail. As long as you're smarmy, slick, and clever, you can stay alive and maybe even get the girl.

3. Community: Epidemiology

Community: Epidemiology

Why You're Screwed: In this Community Halloween special, the entire school — including our intrepid study group — succumbs to a zombie outbreak, the school is sealed, and the military prepares to "disinfect" the area. Why It's Not That Bad: Turns out, if you just fiddle with the thermostat, you can just freeze out the zombie bug.

2. Dead Rising

10. The Walking Dead

Why You're Screwed: Pharmaceutical conglomerate Phenotrans started this zombie outbreak so they could introduce the cure — ambuzol vaspilatin marketed under the catchy name "Zombrex". Why It's Not That Bad: Zombies in the Dead Rising universe aren't that scary. Even when you're staring down a few hundred of 'em. Instead, they're a slowly-moving, loudly-moaning herd just asking to be obliterated in new, novel ways (including strapping a machete to a toy helicopter, taping knives to a boxing glove, or tossing a football filled with grenades).

1. None At All

10. The Walking Dead

OK, we'll level with you, after all is said and done, we'll take drunk dudes on the train, junk mail, and not being able to get into that trendy restaurant on a Friday night instead having to walk to the nearest stream — fending off waves of zombies both ways — to fetch a pail of water every time we want to make a cup of tea.

What do you say? Would you prefer being a tough-as-nails zombie slayer? Or do you like getting your morning cup of coffee at Dunkin' Donuts just fine?

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