Pack Like A Pro: 10 Things That Should Be In Your Suitcase For C2E2

Pack Like A Pro: 10 Things That Should Be In Your Suitcase For C2E2

As a con veteran, I’ve gotten pretty good at packing the essentials for a weekend of queue halls, panel rooms and crowded bathrooms. Whether you’re traveling from 783 miles away or just down the road, here’s my go-to list of what you'll need for C2E2 2013.

A Backpack1. A Backpack

If you bring one thing, bring a backpack, or a bag, or a purse or whatever holding instrument strikes your fancy. My pack of choice is intentionally small so I can't overload it with unnecessary items, and it's hooked up. Need some H20? Just use the attached straw – hands free!

First Aid Kit2. First Aid Kit

In your pack, pack another pack. This one should contain all your emergency items. Here's what I bring in mine – a few band aids, ibuprofen, antacids, cold medicine, allergy medicine, hand sanitizer, etc. Like a boy (or girl) scout, I come prepared.

Cell Phone and Charger3. Cell Phone and Charger

Unless you're still living in 1994, this one is pretty brainless. Bring your cell phone! It's handy if you’ve lost a friend or in an emergency.  And if you've got the C2E2 mobile app downloaded, you've got the full show guide in the palm of your hand. Plus, if you're living in 2013, your phone will have a camera – eliminating one extra item in your pack. Remember to bring your charger, too, so you can plug in when you're running low. Some ReedPOPers prefer charge packs – they're ideal when you can't be stopped by anything!

Camera4. Camera

If you think cell phone cameras are just a fad, bring the real deal to snap pictures of all your favorite creators, celebs, cool costumes and new friends.

Shoes5. Shoes

Bring at least three pairs of shoes.  That's one per day. Don’t bring your beat up Chucks (I’ve made that mistake). Running shoes are best, and your feet will thank you.

Snacks and Water6. Snacks and Water

I don't like standing in line for luke warm cafeteria mush, so I bring my own snacks. My favorites include almonds, granola bars, fruit snacks (shark-shaped preferred), and dried fruit. And why pay for water when you can get it for free? Bring a refillable H20 container and fill up at any water fountain around McCormick.

Swag Bag7. Swag Bag

If I had a nickel for every time a fan asked me where they can get a swag bag, well, I'd have about $1.35. You can typically find an exhibitor giving away swag bags on the show floor, but, just in case, bring an extra bag so you can carry all of your new goodies and precious C2E2 souvenirs!

Money8. Money

Speaking of swag, ATM lines are long, so bring cash with you and put it in a safe place so you can shop, shop, shop to your heart's content.

Patience9. Patience

Okay, this one you can't actually pack, but mentally make sure you've got it accounted for. Be prepared to wait in a few lines.

Your C2E2 Badge10. Your C2E2 Badge

Seems brainless, but in all the hustle and bustle of preparing, I've come to cons without my badge, and believe me, I didn't get far. Don't forget this very crucial item giving you access to the greatness waiting at C2E2!

So, what are you packing for C2E2 2013?


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Laura (@laurablagys) is a Brand Marketing Coordinator for ReedPOP. Her favorite part of the con is the queue hall and she's a certified bullhorn instructor. She's keen on the National Theater in London, the color yellow and Mid-Atlantic beers.

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