Sweet Home Chicago: ReedPOP's 10 Favorite Windy City Flicks!

Sweet Home Chicago: ReedPOP's 10 Favorite Windy City Flicks!
Between all the members of the ReedPOP team, we've probably watched tens of thousands of movies and consumed centuries worth of video footage from the interwebs.  We have amassed a fearsome collective knowledge of all things cinematic, and -- for a change -- have decided to use this knowledge for good, bringing together our love of great movies with our love of the great city of Chicago.

And, so, with the days until this year's C2E2 rapidly waning, here are ReedPOP’s Top 10 favorite movies set in Chicagoland!

Wayne’s World10. Wayne’s World

Wayne and Garth didn’t party in Chicago all the time, but Chi-Town was definitely represented, from the donut shop themed after Blackhawks legend Stan Mikita to an appearance of ReedPOP’s favorite burger joint, White Castle.  (For the fact obsessed: White Castle didn't start in Chicago, but its look was inspired by Chicago's iconic Chicago Water Tower.)


Adventures in Babysitting9. Adventures in Babysitting

This movie made it on the list for one specific reason: That scene where the little Thor super fan girl climbs up the side of the Stone Container Building (now named the Crain Communications Building). Other than that, we don’t remember much. And, looking back, all we can think is “Isn’t that Jennifer from Back to The Future?” Yes. Yes, it is.


Risky Business8. Risky Business

A crystal egg, a party that curved into a brothel, and that Old Time Rock and Roll dance.  There are a lot of Risky Business highlights; however, the greatest is what it did for up and coming actor Tom Cruise.  Ricky Business launched Tom Cruise’s career.  Thank you, Risky Business, if not for you, we'd never have Cocktail, The Last Samurai, and Losin' It.


Home Alone7. Home Alone

What kid doesn't want their house all to themselves? No kid, that’s who. Home Alone starts off the way it plays out in every child's imagination. Ice cream for breakfast, jumping on your parents’ bed, and staying up way too late watching terrible movies; however, when two crooks show up it take a turn for the -- wait, no -- it keeps on playing out like in every child's imagination, with little Macaulay Culkin dispatching the baddies with ingenuity, dexterity, and the dastardly application of common household products. Two crowbars up!


Uncle Buck6. Uncle Buck

John Candy’s title character is the definition of “that” uncle everyone has. Although, once you get past his gambling obsessed, jalopy driving, hatchet wielding persona, Buck is probably the coolest uncle ever. Who doesn’t want pancakes the size of truck tires on their birthday?


Chicago5. Chicago

Not only was this movie set in Chicago circa 1920, back in 2003 it took home six Academy Awards including Best Picture. This movie transported you to a Vaudeville stage under the Windy City's bright city lights where Roxy and Velma stole the stage and your heart. Plus you got to see a very different side of John C. Reilly. Who knew he could sing so well?


The Fugitive4. The Fugitive

Harrison Ford plays a well-respected Chicago surgeon wrongfully accused of murdering his wife and on the run from the US Marshals as he tries to prove his innocence. It's a generally awesome film made all the more awesome by being set in Chicago.  There's even a great scene where he tries to dodge the law by running though the St. Patrick’s Day parade… which was surrounded by police officers… in broad daylight… smart move, Kimble.


Rookie of the Year3. Rookie of the Year

Henry Rowengartner was a medical miracle. He broke his arm and gained incredible strength and velocity when his tendons healed “a little tight”. So, naturally, he got signed by the Chicago Cubs (what do they have to lose?) and could strike out the greats like Barry Bonds (pre-steroids) and Butch Heddo (definitely juicing). This movie also gave us great the phrase "Funky Butt Loving".  


The Blue Brothers2. The Blue Brothers

Jake and Elwood Blues are both Chicago staples and represent all the great music that has come out of the city. They may have been repeat criminals, but they gave the world such terrific music that they both should have been pardoned and awarded the Noble Peace Prize. So what if they caused millions of dollars’ worth of damage to their city, it was all to save a school and, as we all know, they were on a mission from God.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

All of us at one point or another were Ferris Bueller. We’d wake up in the morning and say, “Nope, I don’t want to go to school, definitely faking sick.” Hell, it might still happen today. But Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was the ultimate movie based on playing hooky. Granted most teenagers didn’t have to pull elaborate schemes to fake their deathly illness or have access to a Ferrari to cruise around Chicago, but Ferris made his day off one for the record books. And for that, Ferris Bueller, you are indeed my hero... and number one in our list.

So how did we do Chicagoans? Did we nail your favorites? Let us know your thoughts and if we're missing any great flicks we need to watch before we make it out to C2E2!

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