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  • @gregandfake

    Company:   Research Flat Earth

    • L5


  • A Sunny Disposish

    Company:   A Sunny Disposish

    • E10

    Jenny is a 1.5 gen Korean illustrator living in sunny California. She's a big fan of intersectional feminism and drawing dogs and witches. Wakanda For...

  • Aaron Alexovich

    Company:   Aaron Alexovich

    • X16

    AARON ALEXOVICH’S first professional art job was drawing deformed children for Nickelodeon’s Invader ZIM. Since then he’s been deforming children for ...

  • Alan Dyson

    Company:   Alan Dyson

    • V5

    Illustrator based northwest of Chicago. Some of Alan's more recent work include the drawing of actress Natalia Tena's character "Osha" that's featured...

  • Alejandro Rosado

    Company:   Alejandro Rosado

    • X6

    ALEROART Chicago Cartoonist / CPS afterschool matter art teacher. Teaching comic and self publishing. Working on a summer release Kickstarter ... Pow...

  • Alexander Iaccarino

    Company:   Alexander Iaccarino

    • U14

    Alexander Iaccarino is an illustrator based in Austin, Texas producing illustrations for game and film. Specializing in officially licensed screenprin...

  • Andrew MacLean

    Company:   Andrew MacLean

    • G8
  • Annie Wu

    Company:   Annie Wu

    • B10

    Annie is an artist currently based in Chicago.

  • Art by JP

    Company:   Art by JP

    • TEMP370

    JP Perez is a Disney Broadcast Production artist and freelance illustrator. Some of his work include illustrations for Disney Cruise Line’s Marvel Day...

  • art of john giang - orbital harvest

    Company:   John Giang

    • K10

    John is an acclaimed Concept Artist and Illustrator. John has worked for Marvel Studios, Paramount, Disney, Lucasfilm, Legendary, Lego, and Hasbro. S...

  • Art of Mai Van

    Company:   Art of Mai Van

    • C5

    Hi! My name is Mai =) I'm an artist who loves creating space/scifi-themed 3D illustrations! When I need a break from the computer, I like to draw dino...

  • Bengal,Divided

    Company:   Charbak Dipta

    • O11A

    Charbak Dipta (চার্বাক) is an Indian Bengali illustrator,cartoonist and graphic storyteller.He has done cartooning and illustrations for many organisa...

  • Black Swan Portrait Commission

    Company:   Daniel Cooney

    • 118,
    • TEMP12

    Bring your own comic blank cover for commission, rates vary on character(s) and details from $45-$75, accepting commissions / pick up at booth: PINUP ...

  • Brian J. Crowley

    Company:   Brian J. Crowley

    • F6

    Hamster Rage Webcomic 87 Artwork by Brian J. Crowley, Colors by Wesley Wong

  • Carla Wyzgala

    Company:   Carla Wyzgala

    • K11

    Watercolor pin up illustrator of all things pretty ladies and co-creator of Hidden Door Comics

  • Chris Hamer / URBNPOP

    Company:   Chris Hamer /

    • K13

    Atlanta based Artist Chris Hamer of Urbnpop Studios.. Illustrator, Comicbook creator, Painter and Tattooer.

  • Christopher Jones

    Company:   Christopher Jones

    • H4

    Christopher Jones recently drew Doctor Who: The Third Doctor for Titan Comics, (written by Paul Cornell) and is next drawing Doctor Who: The Seventh D...

  • Chunlin Zhao

    Company:   Chunlin Zhao

    • A13
  • Colin Mathieson & Dave West


    • G4

    British writers and artists, Colin & Dave have been producing comics and graphic novels for many years under their 'Accent UK' imprint. They are regul...

  • Comfort and Adam

    Company:   Comfort and Adam

    • S4

    Comfort and Adam are the award nominated duo responsible for The Uniques, Rainbow in the Dark, Kitty Game, and The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing C...

  • Cori Walters

    Company:   Cori Walters

    • P16A

    Cori is a comic creator and illustrator who is the primary artist on Punkhouse Press' Wrong Way: An American Punk Story and creator of the webcomic Sp...

  • Cully Hamner

    Company:   Cully Hamner

    • C17

    Cully Hamner is best known for his 2003 series RED, which was adapted in 2010 as the hit Bruce Willis film and its 2013 sequel; BLUE BEETLE; THE QUEST...

  • Daniel Govar

    Company:   Daniel Govar

    • U12

    Daniel is a Creator/Illustrator who has worked on properties for Marvel (Captain America, Wolverine, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos, Ant-Man, Spiderm...

  • Darla Ecklund and Jessica Hickman

    Company:   Darla Ecklund and Jessica Hickman

    • O12
  • Dave Wheeler & Samir Barrett Bring the...

    Company:   Dave Wheeler & Samir Barrett

    • W6

    Samir and Dave have been creating comics together for a while now! We are all about creating comics for the young and young at heart! Enough with the ...

  • Dijana Granov & Josh Reisz

    Company:   Dijana Granov & Josh Reisz

    • D12
  • Dirk Manning

    Company:   Dirk Manning

    • H8
  • DJ Corchin

    Company:   DJ Corchin

    • Q7

    Award-Winning Children's Author & Illustrator DJ Corchin's books have been celebrated by educators, therapists, parents and more. His I Feel... Childr...

  • F.O.R.C.E. - A Pro Football Drama...

    Company:   Shawn Pryor

    • V2

    F.O.R.C.E. Chapter Break/Cover Art by superstar artist David Nakayama! Get your copy of F.O.R.C.E. Volume One at C2e2!

  • Gayne Darrow Jr.

    Company:   Gayne Darrow Jr.

    • F12

    A freelance illustrator. Graduate of American Academy of Art. A storyboard and conceptual artist for independent films. A traditional illustrator who ...

  • Gene Ha

    Company:   Gene Ha

    • N11

    Four time Eisner winner Gene Ha writes & draws Mae from Lion Forge Comics. It’s the story of Mae Fortell, a girl who follows her long missing sister A...

  • Howling Werewolf

    Company:   Alex Ogle

    • W8

    I have this art in 11x17 BW. I'll be at table W8.

  • I choose Dart (Pokemon X Stranger...

    Company:   George Gant

    • G13B
  • Isabelle Angell

    Company:   Isabelle Angell

    • D2

    Freelance illustrator from Montreal, big fan of comics and loves weird furry creatures that are too fluffy for their own good. Find out more about her...

  • itsMengo

    Company:   itsMengo

    • E11

    Full-time sleep depriverヾ(°∇°*)_ | 🇨🇦

  • Jane Labowitch | Princess Etch

    Company:   Jane Labowitch

    • E14

    Jane Labowitch, aka Princess Etch, is a full-time Etch A Sketch artist residing in Chicago. She started etching at age 4. Jane's Etch A Sketch art ha...

  • Jason Flowers

    Company:   The Art of Jason Flowers

    • M10

    Jason Flowers is a comic artist from Atlanta, GA. Currently illustrating his new graphic novel, Requiem Mass, his recent book, A.A.I Wars will be publ...

  • Jason W Christman

    Company:   Jason W Christman

    • T3

    Portland artist & creative director Jason William Christman is a licensed Lucasfilm & 20th Century Fox artist with a minimalist & vintage style that i...

  • Jenny Parks and Dailen Ogden

    Company:   Jenny Parks & Dailen Ogden

    • D7
  • Jeremy Haun

    Company:   Jeremy Haun

    • J10

    Jeremy is the artist and creator on THE REALM, the acclaimed series from Image comics. He is also the writer and sometimes artist, on THE BEAUTY, als...

  • Jesse Wichmann

    Company:   Jesse Wichmann

    • O8

    Jesse Wichmann is a 7 year industry best selling comic book illustrator, tattoo artist and author hailing from upstate New York. Jesse has lent his un...

  • Jim McClain

    Company:   Jim McClain

    • N12

    Jim McClain is an award-winning math teacher by day, and a comics creator by night (and very early mornings). His first graphic novel, Jim McClain's S...

  • Joel Siegel & Linktober

    Company:   Joel Siegel and Linktober

    • P3

    Head of Linktober (Zelda art challenge) and Chicago based pop-art style comic guy. Originals, prints, comics, sketchbooks and more. Everything from Z...

  • Jonathan La Mantia

    Company:   Jonathan La Mantia

    • J15

    Recent published works include illustrations for THE THING: ARTBOOK , HELLRAISER COMICS ANTHOLOGY VOL. II and cover art for HEAVY METAL MAGAZINE.

  • Jordan Gunderson

    Company:   Jordan Gunderson

    • P14

    Jordan Gunderson is a freelance illustrator/artist living in Wisconsin. Illustrating for Aspen Comics, his titles include Executive Assistant: Assassi...

  • Justin Greenwood

    Company:   Justin Greenwood

    • G6

    JUSTIN GREENWOOD is a Bay Area comic artist best known for his work on creator owned series like THE LAST SIEGE, STUMPTOWN, THE FUSE, STRINGERS, and t...

  • K Lynn Smith

    Company:   K Lynn Smith

    • F3

    She is the writer and artist of the western webcomic PLUME, published by Devil's Due Entertainment, and has been involved with projects such as GARFIE...

  • Keith Williams

    Company:   Keith Williams

    • D13

    Keith Williams, a professional artist and inker, has worked in the comic book business for over thirty years. His clients have been, Marvel (Web of Sp...

  • Leanne Huynh Art

    Company:   Leanne Huynh

    • S8

    Leanne has worked for Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, and NCSoft.

  • Markisan Naso

    Company:   Markisan Naso & Ben Kahn

    • TEMP274

    Markisan Naso is the writer of the critically-acclaimed comic book series, VORACIOUS, published by Action Lab Entertainment. He loves kitties and deat...

  • Metal Hand

    Company:   Metal Hand

    • TEMP295

    Metal Hand is an artist from Chicago who is currently working on his second graphic novel, The First Laser Gun. In 2010, he graduated with a BFA in Gr...

  • Myles Wohl

    Company:   Myles Wohl

    • O14

    Myles Wohl is a freelance artist working in the fantasy and comic book industry.

  • Noah Eisenman

    Company:   Noah Eisenman

    • P11

    Artist/illustrator based in Boulder, Colorado.

  • Of Mice and Madness

    Company:   Of Mice and Madness

    • A3

    Drew: Co-creator of "Tails From Out There!" And "Rocket Mouse". Mouse enthusiast with our main lines being pop culture clad mice. Sci fi nerd. So say...

  • Priscilla Kim

    Company:   Priscilla Kim

    • F14

    An illustrator with a focus on covers and portraiture, Priscilla bears a deep love of games and books, particularly of the sci-fi and fantasy stripe. ...

  • Pug Grumble

    Company:   Pug Grumble

    • W4

    I write/draw the series Farlaine the Goblin. Nobody reads it, but it's pretty good. The last one sold 7 copies, and only 5 of them went to my mom.

  • Rio Burton Illustration

    Company:   Rio Burton

    • F2

    Rio Burton is a freelance illustrator located in Colorado, USA. She loves illustrating stories through characters in a variety of fantasy genres. She ...

  • Samuel Clarke Hawbaker

    Company:   Samuel Clarke Hawbaker

    • C11

    S. Clarke Hawbaker’s first professional interior comic book pages were for Continuity Comics, where he got a chance to work for one of his idols, Neal...

  • Sanya Anwar

    Company:   Sanya Anwar

    • E1

    Toronto based illustrator and comic creator currently working with Disney, Archie and DC Comics.

  • Sarah Graley

    Company:   Sarah Graley

    • T9

    Comics artist and writer known for Rick and Morty: Lil' Poopy Superstar (Oni Press), and original titles Kim Reaper (Oni Press) and Our Super Adventur...

  • Scott Blair

    Company:   Scott Blair

    • K12

    Pinup and pop artist creating and promoting original comic book VS: Vamps vs Wolves from Gator Bait Comics

  • Sean Forney

    Company:   Sean Forney

    • L11

    Sean Forney is a comic book artist working on Lark’s Killer, Black Flame(1First), Marvel Premier(Upper Deck). Titles: Lord of Gore(Devil’s Due), Zen, ...

  • Shawn Lenore

    Company:   Shawn Lenore

    • F5

    Shawn is an artist and writer based out of NW Indiana. She makes the webcomic How to be a Werewolf, which is not actually an instruction manual no mat...

  • Silk 12

    Company:   Tana Ford

    • M7

    Artwork by Tana ford (Colors by Ian Herring)

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