Greetings, neighbors! We’re so glad you’ve joined us, and we’d love for you to get to know the staff behind C2E2 a little bit better, so pull up a chair.

Here at C2E2 HQ, we’re constantly racking our brains to see how we can make C2E2 better. So what makes the perfect C2E2? We’ve added a handful of your favorite celebrities, a dash of the best comic talent, a pinch of incredible cosplay, and voila – a perfect potion for the greatest show in Chicago. We at C2E2 are so passionate about our fans that we’ll do whatever it takes to make this the best weekend of the year. We pour our hearts and souls into making C2E2 feel like home for you.

Thanks for being here, guys. Welcome home. <3 C2E2 HQ

c2e2 staff

Travis Allen

Travis has many nicknames at ReedPOP, but Scooter is the only one that we can print here.

Loves: The Muppets, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel

Travis Allen was orphaned at a young age in an epic hide-and-seek game gone terribly wrong – as far as anyone knows, his birth parents could still be out there “hiding.” He was taken in by a kindly family of howler monkeys and raised as one of their own… until, as a young man, was cast out from the troop due to an inability to howl and to hang by his tail. From there he attended college, majoring in Underwater Basket-weaving with a minor in Monkey Howling (take that stupid monkeys). Soon after graduation, he met his future wife at a Mechanical Bull convention. Somewhat controversially, she was dating his imaginary best friend Mr. Pickle at the time, but hey – you can’t help who you fall in love with, am I right? And speaking of love… Travis love stuff. Although he’s never been to prison (allegedly), he likes to think of himself as the guy in every prison movie who can get stuff for you. So he segued that simple notion into a career making cool stuff for ReedPOP.  The rest, as they say, is history. Travis lives with his wife in three kids in a home with décor that would be best described as “Hoarder chic.” You can follow Travis on Twitter at @tjallen77 – though he doesn’t Tweet very often. But every few months he swears he’s going to start. (He is not.)

c2e2 staff

Chris D’Lando

Content Coordinator, Wendy’s Chicken Nugget Enthusiast, Son of Rage & Love

Loves: Back to the Future, the Legend of Zelda, Green Day, Star Wars, comic books

Though comparatively new to the world of ReedPOP, Chris’ nerd cred roots are anything but. Be careful about getting him started or he’ll talk your ear off about (among many other things): comics, video games, dead theme park attractions, James Bond movies and why the final episode of LOST is actually a masterpiece. He loves fan conventions, and is very much looking forward to passing that love on to you. But not in a creepy way. Follow him on just about any social media channel you can think of @DlandoCalrisian

c2e2 staff

Leslie “Stewie” Hunsinger

Magical Marketing Maven, Disney Princess, Terrifying Ray of Sunshine

Loves: Disney, the Addams Family, Hearthstone, My Little Pony, Firefly

Stewie a member of the Marketing team who adores connecting with the fan community on social media and sharing too many photos of doggos and pupperinos. She co-founded the Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. She fangirls over adorable things like Gary the Fisher and Porgs, as well as spooky things like Five Nights at Freddy’s and most horror movies. She is a manic creative type who loves colors, multitasks like a Khaleesi, and gets her best ideas at four in the morning. She blames the goblin under her bed for this, and while she should be thankful for the inspiration, that dude's not even paying rent. She hopes to one day meet Wicket W. Warrick, Winky the House Elf, and David the Gnome. In her spare time, she loves going to Renaissance Faires and LARPs because in her heart of hearts, she is a magical elf who belongs in the forest and also deserves all the pretty dresssies. She can also usually be found belting out Disney songs to her husband, Mark, and their 3 cats. Follow her on Twitter @darlingstewie, because that’s where she can literally always be found.

c2e2 staff

Todd Jones

Global Talent Manager and Worldwide Leader of #TEAMSHARPIE, The Todd, Coach Jones, Elwood Blues

Loves: Sons of Anarchy, Star Trek, The Fast and the Furious, Pitch Perfect, and anything Batman

Todd is the overly patient and (some would say) clinically insane Global Talent Manager. He's the guy that deals with the agents and lawyers on a daily basis to bring ReedPOP's conventions the best in Celebrity Guests and Content worldwide, and works just as hard to make sure that those guests have a great time while under Reed's tender care. When he's not on an airplane, on the telephone, or on his last damn nerve Todd can usually be found on his couch watching obscene and unhealthy amounts of television and film, puttering around the house talking to himself, building Legos, and/or enjoying time with his overly patient and loving wife and their pack of dogs. Not unlike his spirit animal Ron Swanson, he is a simple man who likes pretty, dark-haired women, and breakfast food. Feel free to follow Todd’s adventures on Twitter @ElwoodJBlues or on Instagram @reedpopthetodd.

c2e2 staff

Mike Negin

Mighty Event Manager, Last Son of Krypton, OG Fanboy

Loves: Comics, Superman, Star Wars, 80s Hair Bands, Comics (yeah, I said it twice).

Mike is better known as "Mighty Mike Negin" and is the event manager for C2E2. Previously, he was the mastermind behind Artist Alley for both NYCC and C2E2. He literally hugs everyone. Every. One. What can he say, huggers gotta hug! Mike has been living and breathing comics and pop culture since he was a kid. If you get in your DeLorean and go back in time to tell teenage Mike Negin he would be living the dream of the conlife, he would call you a liar. Or weep openly. Getting a job at ReedPOP was a dream come true for this fanboy made good and there is nowhere else that he would rather be. Except maybe Disney World. He truly loves the fans! He loves meeting them, talking with them and watching them make memories that will last a lifetime. They are his people. Mike has been attending conventions since he was a young Jedi and has literally been to hundreds of shows across the country, spending more money on Superman comics, Scooby Doo memorabilia and concession stand hot dogs than any one person should be allowed. When not working on shows, Mike's looking for more conventions to attend as a fan and add to his extensive collection of comics, statues and artwork! It’s an addiction. Don’t judge. Some people call him Superman and you know what? We have never seen Superman and Mike in the same room ... hmmmm  Follow his adventures on Twitter @mightymikenegin and Instagram @mightymikenegin. He’ll try to do better with his personal socials. Promise.

c2e2 staff

Eddie Raymond

Complicated Cowboy

Loves: Miyazaki movies, Country/Rap/Jazz/Metal music, Batman, The Office, Comics (though rather new to this, he wants your recommendations)

Eddie came to ReedPOP from the world of music. Having started booking punk and metal bands when he was in High School, he worked his way into the music industry as a side hobby while he was in college. Never thinking it would move anything past a hobby, it helped him get his job at ReedPOP and thus entering into the wonderful world of Comic Conventions. Eddie has grown up collecting records but with his new role, he gained a new interest in comics and traded out one collectors habit for another. He falls asleep every night to The Office so it’s become less like a fandom and more like a necessity. Follow him on twitter for a whole bunch of weird memes and pictures of his cat @_skiptracer21!

c2e2 staff

Sammy Vigorito

Merchandise Manager, Kombucha Enthusiast, Lady Travis

Loves: Bey & Jay, Yoga, the Real Housewives Franchise, SATC & Cold Brew.

Sammy is the Merchandise Manager for ReedPOP, though most refer to her as the resident Kombucha expert. She works with many different teams on various portfolios and confidently brings to the team her knowledge of the fashion world and an overuse of the word, “like.” Sammy is learning her way through the nerd world by secretly googling character names and quotes on her phone to figure out which show she needs to Netflix binge watch in order to contribute to casual office conversation. When she is not working, Sammy can be found happy-crying at videos of puppies on YouTube, in her local yoga studio face planting in side crow, and misspelling really impotant words. Her passions include all things Beyoncé and her dog Simon. (Nods to Simon & Garfunkel.) You can find her on Twitter @therealsammyvig.

c2e2 staff

Gabe Yocum

Sales Nerd, Part Mr. Meeseeks, Future Santa Claus

Loves: Game of Thrones, Professional Wrestling, The Simpsons, Back to the Future, Christmas (seriously)

With sightings in only 5 states, the elusive Gabe is known for his affection toward porcine meats, his affinity for Simpsons quotes, and his unadulterated love of giant rooms full of fans. Here at ReedPop, Gabe is in charge of exhibitor space and sponsorships for C2E2, the greatest fan convention of all time, in the greatest city in the world, CHICAGO! (He can say that since he used to live there) He can chat you up about your favorite Game of Thrones character and why it should be Varys, why Pro Wrestling used to be better (he’s a lapsed fan), or why The Big Lebowski is the greatest comedy film of all time. Gabe sleeps with the windows open during the winter, puts his Christmas tree up on November 1st, and will fight you if you even think about putting ketchup on a hot dog. His comic publishing and comic shop employment experience makes him a real crowd pleaser at parties, so get in touch on Twitter @comicsmonger and please, PUT DOWN THE KETCHUP.

Portrait drawings done by the amazing Amy Mebberson!

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