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The C2E2 App is live!

The C2E2 App is now ready for you to download! Search for C2E2 in your App Store, or use the buttons below to download.

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Why download the C2E2 App?

Are you going to C2E2? Do you have a mobile device? Then you need the C2E2 App! It's your digital guide to everything C2E2, providing you with the latest news, guest announcements, exhibitor info and special events.

The Official C2E2 Mobile App will be your best friend at the show! Why?

  • It’ll help you plan your perfect C2E2! Make a plan to help make this your best C2E2 ever! Add panels, events, exhibitors, guests, artists, and more to your schedule. Set reminders for events you want to go to.
  • Get timely push notifications! Opt-in to receive helpful push notifications on when autographing lines are capped, when panel rooms are full, and other breaking news. Make sure your Bluetooth is on!
  • See guests & events! Pretty much everything and everyone you would ever want to find or know about is in the C2E2 App. See all of our guests, panels, special events, exhibitors, and find out the who, what, when, where, and why of C2E2.
  • See maps to navigate C2E2! Navigate the show quickly and easily using the maps found in the C2E2 App and get where you’re going as fast as possible!

Download the C2E2 App now for all of the information you will need for C2E2. Updates happen, so keep your app updated. Pro-tip! Turn your Bluetooth on! What are you waiting for?

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