Pop Pride Week

ReedPop Pride Week

June is Pride month, and our sister shows are coming together to celebrate! Check out our schedule of livestreams below, and follow along with our social media on facebook, twitter and instagram to take part in digital parades, special art prompts and more all week.

Keep checking back for new livestreams, more details on current happenings and updates.

Black Queer organizations to support now and forever

Monday, June 22

LGBTQ+ Voices in Middle Grade & YA

11:00 AM

Join Jessi Zabarsky (Witchlight), Trung Le Nguyen (The Magic Fish) Terry Blas (Hotel Dare), and Claudia Aguirre (Hotel Dare) as they discuss writing graphic novels for younger audiences, the importance of LGBTQ+ voices and stories, and creating worlds both magical and real. Moderated by Samantha Puc, comics & gaming editor at CBR and co-creator and editor-in-chief at Fatventure Mag.

Nerds Know Presents LGBTQ+ In Japan: The Yuri on Ice Problem

4:00 PM CT

At a glance, it seems like Japan has made a lot of progress in LGBTQ+ areas. After all, with the popularity of shows like Yuri on Ice how can things not be better?

In this panel, Jan Geshem Verle will take us through an extensive look at current affairs in Japan and compares them to what’s going on Stateside. Jan is one of the latest members to join the Nerds Know team. Jan is a Japanese Studies major from Florida International University. Her formal education has brought an array of topics to the Nerds Know collective. When she isn’t hosting panels, she is often serving as a professor at various institutions across Florida. Academics aside, Jan has also been part of the professional convention scene in Florida for over a decade. She has helped run conventions, judged contests, and appeared as a cosplay guest at numerous events. Jan brings the same enthusiasm she has for Japanese culture and conventions into the classroom. So if you have the chance to catch one of her presentations, you’ll be begging for more!

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Tuesday, June 23

Pride Tutorial by James Mac from BBC's Glow Up

10:00 AM CT

Take a break from your day and join James Mac for a step-by-step livestream of stunning makeup artistry. Watch as talented BBC iPlayer’s Glow Up contestant takes us through an amazing makeup transformation.

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Pride in Comics: Teaching Graphic Novels with LGBTQ Representation

11:00 AM CT / 5:00 PM BST

Diversity in gender and sexual identity has always been an important socio-political issue. As more and more teachers seek to broaden the representation in their choice of instructional texts as well as those housed in their classroom libraries, guidance is often needed to approach the pedagogy behind utilizing these texts responsibly and respectfully. What is the best way to bring these books to their students while ensuring that the questions they raise in classrooms and school communities are answered intelligently and accurately? This panel of educators and creators will talk to these concerns and offer guidance on which graphic novels work best and which instructional strategies are most effective.

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Queer Characters in Magical Worlds

4:00 PM CT

From birds of prey to ominous black doors, the magical worlds created by Anna-Marie McLemore (DARK AND DEEPEST RED), A.M. Strickland (BEYOND THE BLACK DOOR), Alex London (THE SKYBOUND SAGA), and Aiden Thomas (CEMETERY BOYS) are both intense and enchanting. Join these four prominent YA authors as they discuss why writing LGBTQ characters and stories is so important to them, and the importance of queer voices in fantasy books. This program will be moderated by Dahlia Adler, YA author and journalist at BuzzFeed Books.

Watch on YouTube.com/ReedPop

Queer Indie: Write the Rainbow

5:00 PM CT

Hear from authors across all genres and identities. Featured authors include Dr. Mario Dell’Olio, TT Banks, Evan Knapp, Ash Knight, A.C. Merkel and Halo Scot. Queer Indie’s mission is to promote both queer lit and supporters of queer lit. As such, they support both queer and ally books. Every book has a home.

Watch here facebook.com/bookcon

Wednesday, June 24

Fan chosen She-Ra Episode Live Tweet Watch-along hosted by NYCC Twitter

9:00 AM CT

Join the NYCC Twitter account as we live tweet along with an episode of the fan-favorite show She-Ra and the Princesses of Power as chosen by YOU!

Follow NYCC on Twitter to vote on which episode we watch. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is available to stream on Netflix           

Creator Roundtable feat. Tini Howard, Vita Ayala, and Leah Williams

4:00 PM CT

In support of the Audre Lorde Project

A discussion of X-Men and other texts Vita (Marvel Action: Black Panther: Rise Together), Tini (Excalibur), and Leah (Gwenpool Strikes Back) have found formative and how that has influenced their work, contemporary comics, and what changes panel members would like to see in the future of the comics industry.

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Thursday, June 25

Drag'ony Aunt with Alfie Ordinary

11:00 AM CT/ 5:00 PM BST

Join us for this comedy chat show with Brighton-based Award-Winning Drag Prince, Alfie Ordinary. Join Alfie as they tackle your burning questions, all while dazzling us with their fabulous advice and serving an out of this world look from a British icon...

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Representation Matters! with ComiXology Originals Creators

1:00 PM CT/ 7:00 PM BST        

Every hero has an origin story – the defining moment where they took the leap into greatness… and so do your favorite comic book creators! Join some of the industry's brightest LGBTQ comic creators, in a tell-all panel where they’ll recount their comics beginnings, telling inclusive stories, and their journey to stardom. Including Claudia Aguirre (Lost On Planet Earth), Danny Lore (Quarter Killer), Joe Glass (The Pride). Moderated by Greg Lockard (Liebestrasse). Read these titles on ComiXology.

Watch on YouTube.com/MCMExpo

Queerators: LGBQT+ Stories in Comics in the Mainstream

4:00 PM CT

A panel about the struggle of appealing to a broader audience without decentering queer narratives and characters. The tension between wanting to reach a broader audience, but still wanting to tell queer stories and the tension that can sometimes create within the LGBQT+ community. What happens when LGBQT+ creators try to move into the mainstream? Join Steve Orlando (Wonder Woman: The Enemy of Both Sides), Jen Hickman (Bezkamp), and Steenz (Heart of the City).

Watch on YouTube.com/ReedPop

The Growing Pains of LGBTQ+ Representation in Games with Game Creators

5:30 PM CT

Games media is in a transitional phase when it comes to LGBTQ+ representation. There’s missteps and triumphs, push back for both commercializing representation and not having enough of it. When studio goals meet audience expectations, what qualifies as a success? Join narrative designers Sisi Jiang, Emily Grace Buck, Zaire Lanier, and Tori Schafer as they discuss the current state of LGBTQ+ representation in games.

Friday, June 26

EurogamerEurogamer's Pride Charity Gaming Livestream

6:00 AM - 12:00 PM CT

Exclusively in aid of Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline, from 12-6pm BST. We'll be playing some LGBTQ+ games and finishing off with a special Pride-themed addition of our Happy Hour Tavern Time series, possibly with some guests.

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Mark Gatiss responds to iconic Doctor Who & Sherlock moments

1:00 PM CT

Mark Gatiss, actor, co-creator and executive producer, joins ReedPop fans from across the world as we take a look through Mark’s most memorable scenes on Doctor Who and Sherlock.

Watch on YouTube.com/MCMExpo

Saturday, June 27

Cosplay with Pride

10:00 AM CT

LGBTQ cosplayers from around the country talk feelings on Pride week, Cosplay, and experiences with cosplaying. This amazing group offer fabulous Cosplay tips and heartfelt thoughts on being your unique self through costuming.

Stay tuned to our social media channels Saturday for more Cosplay and Pride shout outs!

Big Question: Who are the Most Iconic LGBTQ Characters in Comics?

12:00 PM CT  

From Watchmen to Powerpuff Girls, Michael Ajih, Chris Jones and Alex Norris discuss their favourite and most iconic LGBTQ+ characters in comics and media.

Love, Victor Live Tweet Watch-along

5:00 PM CT

The sequel series to Love, Simon, Hulu's Love, Victor follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High on a journey of self-discovery, high school challenges, and struggling with sexual orientation. Premiering exclusively on Hulu Friday, June 19th.

Join us for a live tweet watch-along of this new film as we celebrate Pop Pride Week with our fans all over the world!

Sunday, June 28

Fan-picked Spongebob Squarepants Episode Live Tweet Watch-along   

11:00 – 11:30 AM CT

Join the ECCC Twitter account as we live tweet along with an episode of Spongebob.

Squarepants as chosen by YOU! Follow ECCC on Twitter to vote on which episode we watch. Spongebob Squarepants episodes are available to stream on the Nickelodeon app.

Exclusive Q&A with Mark Gatiss in aid of Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline

12:00 PM CT

Actor, co-creator and executive producer who has worked on Doctor Who and Sherlock answers fans most burning questions in an exclusive Q&A Event across the world. This paid for panel is brought together in aid of Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline ($5 US, £4.80 UK).

Watch on YouTube.com/MCMExpo