Escape Rooms


Experimental Gamer Think you’ve got what it takes to make it out? C2E2 is teaming with Experimental Gamer this year to bring fans, not one but TWO different escape room experiences – right in the convention center! Teams of six will work together to escape either the Cursed High School or the Starship Astraeus, each of which is chock full of puzzles for you to solve. Round up your squad though – because you’ve only got 45 minutes and it’ll take all your wits and knowhow to conquer these challenges! Got what it takes?

Act quickly though – availability is limited! Pre-purchase tickets to guarantee your spot!

Detention Banner

Detention: Escape from the Cursed High School!

Uchicon Locker

Location: Room S501D
You and your classmates must report to Room 202 for detention. But the classroom has been cursed by an onryō, a vengeful spirit, who has trapped you in the room! You have only 45 minutes to solve puzzles and riddles using clues and hints to escape the room and achieve one of several possible endings. Will you find a way to break the curse, or will you be stuck in detention forever?



Secret Aboard Starship Astraeus

Concordant Badge Location: Room S504A
Your ragtag group of space scavengers have just stumbled upon the mother lode - a derelict Galactic Concordant Starship ripe for the taking! Scrapping it for parts alone would net you enough credits to buy a small moon! But the unusual cargo on the Astraeus has made it a target by the ruthless Urbraxian Dominion. And what you thought was a simple scavenging job has become a race for survival! Test your wits and guile in this high tech escape room to achieve one of several possible endings!