C2E2 Crew

Hey There!

Thanks for your interest in C2E2 Crew for 2024!

What does the C2E2 Crew do?

The C2E2 Crew works all over the Show to help support C2E2 Staff, exhibitors, guests, artists and most importantly the fans. As a member of C2E2 Crew you could be doing anything from helping out at the Main Stage, keeping a watchful eye on the Show Floor lines, or even simply putting on a smile and greeting everyone in the busy morning queues as they eagerly await the opening of C2E2 each day.

What do I get if I join the C2E2 Crew?

All accepted members of C2E2 Crew will receive a free badge to attend C2E2 whenever they are not working, a t- shirt to let everyone know that you are part of the C2E2 Crew Team, minimum wage pay for your hours worked, and most importantly, the sense of being a huge part of something special and playing a big part in everyone’s great time!

Applications for C2E2 2024 Crew are now open!

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]