March 31 - April 2, 2023
McCormick Place

Official C2E2 Merch

12 Piece Tarot Postcard Set

2022 Lanyard

2022 Official Hoodie

2022 Official Pin

2022 Official Sticker

2022 Official T-Shirt

2022 Spirit Jersey

Babe-raham Lincoln T-Shirt

C2E2 & CHI*ILL Pin

C2E2 Blue Moon Cream Tentacle Kitty

C2E2 x American Cancer Society T-Shirt

C2E2 x Grishaverse Os Alta Exclusive

Comic Strip magnet

Comic Strip Mug

Comic Strip T-Shirt

Con Friends Ladies Shirt

CTA C2E2 Hat

Dungeons & Dragons Black T-Shirt

Dungeons & Dragons Red T-Shirt

Grishaverse Corporalki Tote

Grishaverse Etherialki Tote

Grishaverse Materialki Tote

Grishaverse No Mourners No Funerals 2 Pin Set

Grishaverse No Mourners No Funerals Collar Pin Set

Grunge T-Shirt

License Plate T-Shirt

Pennant T-Shirt

Pie Till You Die Sticker

Pie Till I Die T-Shirt

Tarot Card Book Beau

Tarot Card Pin

Tarot Card T-Shirt

Tarot Deck of Cards


Merit Badges

Attended a Panel

Bought art in Artist Alley

Forgot something at the hotel

Found a new fandom

Gave up & sat on the Floor

Got Lost

Had photo taken of you/took a photo with a stranger

Made a new friend

Met a celebrity

Phone didn’t die

Remembered to eat

Scored an Exclusive

Survived the Queue Hall

Waited in line

Walked the Entire Exhibit Hall