Pop Asia

Are you a lover of Anime, Manga, K-pop, Japanese culture, and all things kawaii? Welcome to your sanctuary! If you’ve ever wanted to dance like BLACKPINK, become a Pokémon trainer for a weekend, indulge your curiosity about Japanese culture, or just gush over your new (or old) manga obsession, Pop Asia is the place for you! We have interactive experiences, gaming, Japanese cultural groups, as well as anime and manga retailers for you to explore. Consider Pop Asia your little anime convention haven!

What’s Happening at Pop Asia

Do you want to learn more about Japan without traveling there? Look no further! Pop Asia is home to some of the best local cultural partners! We have lots of fascinating things for you to check out, from Japanese fashion presentations to Taiko drum performances. Pop Asia offers experimental activities to give you an immersive cultural experience! 

The Japanese Culture Center

The Japanese Culture Center or JCC was established in 1977 in Chicago by Aikido Shihan and Zen Master Fumio Toyoda to make some of the martial arts, crafts, and philosophical riches of Japan available to the American public. Today the JCC continues this tradition by offering classes in over a dozen martial and cultural arts. The JCC is a true “Dojo” or “House of the Way” where living skills are passed down from generation to generation, those who take part become participants in arts that have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years!

Anime Chicago

Anime Chicago is a registered non-profit based in Chicago, Illinois dedicated to bringing new and exciting anime experiences to all Chicagoans! Members range from anime newbies to seasoned veterans, and everything in between. Anime Chicago offers programs ranging from small discussions and larger seminars dedicated to meeting new people, learning about Japan, and discovering anime and manga titles that make us think critically. 

Manga Lending Library

Need a break from the Show Floor? Why not relax and immerse yourself in a manga of your choice? We’ve got you covered! This year we’ve launched a brand-new manga lending library! We have over 500 volumes of manga for you to dive into! All you need is to present your badge and you’re welcome to our manga lending library! Go on, take a little break and dive into something new or re-visit an old favorite!

Maid Cafe

Our maids and butlers would like to graciously invite you to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience! Come relax in a cute, themed environment at our Maid Café and enjoy some tea and delicious, sweet snacks! You can also play interactive games with the maids and butlers and watch them perform Japanese style dances.

Interested in being part of the maid café? Find out more and apply here

Hands-on Activities

Ever wanted to learn how to swing a sword like Tanjiro or dance like you’re a member of BTS? At Pop Asia, you can do that and so much more! We’ve got plenty of activities from Samurai sword training to viral dance lessons and anime themed school yard games. Come let out some steam and partake in the fun at our interactive area!

We’ve got things to do from Sun Up to Sun Down

Come on by and enjoy panels with your favorite anime voice actors, trivia, weird and wild Japan panels, sing-a-longs, anime screenings, and late night programming- Pop Asia is your home base for all things anime, manga, k-pop, Japanese culture and more!

Nerds Know

Your go-to group of nerds who know things! Nerds Know is an entertainment group from South Florida consisting of convention veterans, college professors, and convention professionals who have pooled their collective talents to bring you the knowledge that every geek, nerd, and otaku craves! Come join in on one of their many panels and be prepared to participate!

City Pop DJ Nights

Van Paugam is a vinyl DJ and designer specializing in 70’s and 80’s Japanese City Pop. His aesthetics often play with nostalgia as an element to fuse retro-futurism with neo-vintage moods. He has DJ’d in Miami, Brooklyn, Paris, Tokyo, and more! Van will be performing live in the Gaming ballroom Friday & Saturday playing the greatest in City Pop, J-Pop and Lofi Hip Hop!