Cosplay Central

Cosplay Central was a C2E2 2020 Show Feature, and we’re going to bring back more amazing Show Features in C2E2 2021 and beyond! Stay tuned to our newsletter to be the first to know when we announce them.

Whether you’re a cosplay pro or just starting out Cosplay Central has something for you! Cosplay Central is the area of C2E2 devoted entirely to the art of costumes, crafts, & characters. There’s a dedicated Cosplay Central Stage, showcasing workshops and panels where you can learn cosplay tips and tricks from where to start to how to show off your latest creation. Stop by of our cosplay repair if your cosplay gets damaged (or if you just need a safety pin). And if you want to make a costume change, we have dedicated changing rooms for that too. When you’re ready to strut your stuff, we have fun photo backdrops and professional step and repeats so you can take an awesome photo. Come in epic cosplay or your favorite geeky t-shirt, there’s something fun for everyone in Cosplay Central!

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What’s Happening in Cosplay Central

Dedicated Cosplay Central Stage

Featuring a full slate of programming all weekend long, the Cosplay Central Stage is your one-stop shop for all things cosplay. Learn new techniques, play games, see exciting demos, and hear from well-known cosplayers and community groups!


Cosplay Repair At Our Cosplay Triage

Our Cosplay Triage team is armed with scissors, glue guns, tape, and sewing machines to ensure your cosplay is camera ready. Stop by if you need to iron your cape or if you pop a seam in your spandex!

Cosplay Changing Area

Even Clark Kent needs a phone booth to change into Superman. Changing rooms will be available adjacent to Cosplay Central. They’ll be monitored by our trusty C2E2 Crew. You’ll be able to stop by for a quick transformation.

Awesome Photo Ops and Backdrops

Need the perfect place to capture memories of C2E2 and the killer costume you wore? We got you covered! Stop by Cosplay Central for photo ops and cool backdrops. We have everything from the Vishanti window from Doctor Strange, provided by the Doctor Strange Archives, to fun sets to match the mood of any superhero, Jedi, wizard, magical girl, or alien who might happen to attend C2E2.

Focus on community organizations

Cosplay is all about community and C2E2 is proud to host a number of cosplay organizations and exhibitors in Cosplay Central. Stop by and hang out with Walkin & Rollin Costumes, Costumers with a Cause, and more!

Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes is a Kansas City-based non-profit organization that builds custom-made costumes for kids in walkers and wheelchairs. With the help of volunteers and donations, Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes is able to build and ship these costumes free of charge to families across the nation. In the past, wheelchair costumes consisted of popular characters and vehicles from Wall-E, Toy Story, the Marvel Cinematic World, Big Hero 6, various Princesses, a Butterfly Queen, KC Royals players, Ant-Man, Back to the Future, and Star Wars. If you would like to learn more about Walkin' & Rollin' Costumes, view their gallery of costumes and designs, order a costume, donate, or possibly volunteer as a builder, visit their website at

Costumers With A Cause is a 501c3 non-profit organization that functions solely on public and corporate donations. Our mission is to work together with children’s charity organizations and charity events that promote community growth, unity, and hope for every child’s future. Together we believe that a world of difference can be made with a smile, photo or a single hello. It is our goal to utilize our talents to the best of our abilities in order to make a child’s day brighter.

Dr. Strange Archive collection is one of the largest Dr. Strange collections in the world. The Vishanti window is the iconic window found in Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.  This version was created to resemble the window seen in the 2016 Doctor Strange movie.  It is seven and a half feet in diameter and has a New York City backdrop.  The window also has a removable floating Cloak of Levitation prop.  Over time, new additions and modifications are added to the window.  The window was built by Donald Comstock. Some of his collection is documented on the website  Stop by Cosplay Corner at C2E2 2020 and take your individual or group photograph with the window.  Donald will be on-hand throughout the show to answer questions about the window, Dr. Strange and collecting in general.