Cosplay Central

Whether you’re a cosplay pro or just starting out, Cosplay Central has something for you! 

Cosplay Central is the area of C2E2 devoted entirely to the art of costumes, crafts, and characters. At the Cosplay Central Stage, you’ll find workshops and panels where you can learn new tips, brush up on techniques, and meet fellow cosplayers. In case you’re in need of some cosplay repair or a quick change, Cosplay Central comes fully equipped with a repair station and changing area. When you’re ready to strut your stuff, we also have fun photo backdrops so you can take an awesome photo solo or with your squad.

Cosplay Central Crown Championships at C2E2

The Cosplay Central Crown Championships is a spectacular competition of the best cosplay in the world. This year the global finals will be held right here at C2E2!

We will choose one last regional winner, who will compete against the cosplayers selected at Florida Supercon, New York Comic Con and Emerald City Comic Con, and decide the overall US Champion for 2023 who will compete head-to-head with the international finalists at C2E2 2023 in the global final. Make sure to register before the application closing date on February 17, 2023, at 4:00 PM CT for your chance to claim victory, and receive a cash prize and tickets to C2E2 2024!

Click here for rules and regulations. Please email with any queries and indicate C2E2 in the Subject Line when emailing.

Registration for this year’s C2E2 Crown Championships is now live! 

Registration for the Cosplay Central Crown Championships will close on Friday, February 17, 2023, at 4:00 PM CT.

Ginoza Costuming

Brittani Ginoza is an award-winning costume and propmaker from Ohio. She is best known for her unique painting style and detailed costume construction.  As a competitive cosplayer, Brittani has most recently won the Twitchcon 2022 costume contest and has also represented the United States multiple times in international cosplay competitions among many other Best in Show awards.

She is inspired by video games such as World of Warcraft and Borderlands and has even worked with blizzard, entertainment, and gearbox software on and has even worked with companies such as blizzard entertainment and gearbox software over the years. When she's not working on her next armor build Brittani enjoys talking shop and helping others learn about cosplay.

Casey Renee Cosplay

Casey Renee is an award-winning cosplayer focused on education, craftsmanship, and sewing. Casey is incredibly passionate about cosplay craftsmanship and creating educational content. In 2022, Casey’s first book, “Cosplay Foundations: Your Guide to Constructing Bodysuits, Corsets, Hoop skirts, Petticoats, and more” was published. Casey loves sharing her experience with others and helping the cosplay community as a whole learn new things and celebrate each other’s cosplay construction journey.

You can find Casey’s work on and and full galleries of her work as well as her patterns and embroidery files at

Robin Careless and Ian Campbell

(Robin and Ian will be judging as a duo with one vote)

Robin Careless

Robin Careless is a Toronto-based Costumer, Prop maker, and a founding member of Builders Anonymous, an FX Costume and Prop building company. Having been building costumes and props for over 15 years, Robin has worked on projects as What We Do in the Shadows, Titans, The Boys, SEE, Star Trek Discovery, and Suicide Squad to name a few, as well as the upcoming series Robyn Hood, from Director X. In addition to his costume and props work, Robin writes and directs, with his most recent short film "Escape: A Ghost Story" continuing to do well in film festivals around the world. And this past November saw the release of Light & Shadow which is Robin's first video game, which he designed and produced, and which is available on Steam. 

Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell is a Toronto-based FX Costumer and Prop Maker Originally from the Prosthetics department, Ian worked on such shows as Man Seeking Woman, Defiance and Cardinal, among many others. But he found that as much as he enjoyed the work, his interests lay beyond the scope usually covered by the department. This led him to switch to making costumes and props, where he has spent the bulk of his career, and to the creation of the FX Costuming and Prop building company Builders Anonymous, of which he is a founding member. As a Sculptor and FX Builder, Ian has worked on such shows as Titans, American Gods, What We Do In the Shadows, The Boys, SEE, Star Trek Discovery, not to mention the upcoming Robyn Hood series from Director X. 

Cosplay Showcase

The Cosplay Showcase is where fans and cosplayers can showcase their craftsmanship in style. Taking place on Sunday, this event is open to all cosplayers with hand made costumes and is an opportunity for fans of all levels to strut their stuff on the main stage. Register at the Cosplay Central administration desk during the show. There are prizes (for over 18s only) but cosplayers are free to take part just for fun if they do not wish to be judged. Family Groups and Juniors (13-17) are also welcome to take part just for fun with any costume.

Costume, Weapons & Props Rules

Cosplay is a welcome and important part of our shows; however, each show also has its limitations and guidelines so that cosplay can stay safe for everyone. Read more about our show’s prop weapons policy here.

Cosplay is NOT Consent

C2E2 has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind. Please read our full policy here.