C2E2 Show Guide:

Meeting Celebrities

One of the main attractions at C2E2 is the unique opportunity to meet your heroes face-to-face. Here’s our quick guide to making your celebrity encounter one to remember… 

How does it all work?

For Autographs… 

When you arrive in the Autograph area, a helpful member of staff will direct you to the relevant line and answer any questions you may have. Once it’s your turn, they’ll scan your ticket and you’ll be able to choose from the available talent photos or present a bought item for the guest to sign. Simple! 

If you didn’t buy your Autograph during the presale, no sweat Boba Fett. As long as a celebrity or voice actors Autographs did not sell out online, you can still purchase them in cash by walking into their Autograph line. We suggest having cash on you as not all celebrities take credit or debit card. Feel free to head over to their table in advance to find out for sure, though!

For Photo Ops… 

As with Autographs, once you arrive in the photo area, you’ll be directed to the correct line for your chosen guest. Once it’s your turn, step up to the photo backdrop, say hello, strike a pose and then head round to the photo collection table. You’ll receive a high quality, glossy 8x10 photograph of yourself and the talent of your choice, taken by one of our professional photographers. Read more in Epic’s Photo Op FAQs here. 

Photo Ops and Autograph opportunities are separately ticketed additions; you will need a C2E2 admission ticket too. Head to our website to purchase them today.

In the Queue...

You may have a bit of a wait before meeting some of the more popular guests. This is a great opportunity to gather your thoughts and try to plan what you’re going to say when you meet them. Pick a question you’d like to ask or have a greeting straight in your head so you can cut to the chase when it’s your turn. 

Most importantly, if you feel overwhelmed or anxious at any point, remember there are people there to help you. Please alert a Staff or Crew member who will be able to assist.

Things to bring…

  • Your confirmation email as proof of purchase if you purchased in advance. 
  • The item(s) you want signed - you’re welcome to select one of the show-ready photos we’ll have at the signing booth on the day of or bring along something special to be signed.


  • Be friendly! Introduce yourself, strike up conversation, ask a question or how their day is going. Guests are happy to chat and love hearing how much you love their work. 
  • Make the most of your slot…but respect their time and others’ in the queue line. It’s better to keep things short and sweet! 
  • Respect personal boundaries. Especially in current times, everyone will have different levels when it comes to interacting with fans; wait for them to initiate a handshake or hug.


  • Be inappropriate or harass the guests. They are people too, just like you; and are trying to enjoy the convention just as much as you are! 
  • Bring large gifts - celebrities have baggage allowance too! 
  • We hope you have a great time meeting the guests at C2E2 and can’t wait to see your amazing photos! Excited to share? Don’t forget to tag us on social media and use the hashtag #C2E2!